Oral lichen planus involving the palate: Case report and review of literature


  • Shahen Ali Ahmed Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, College of Dentistry, Hawler Medical University.
  • Ali Fakhree Alzubaidee Dental Specialties Council, Kurdistan Board for Medical Specialists.




Oral lichen planus, Palatal lichen planus, Burning sensation, Buccal mucosa


Lichen planus is a mucocutaneous disease affecting approximately 1.5 to 2% of the world population. Women are most often affected and lichen planus is usually reported in individuals over 50 years of age The etiology of lichen planus is unknown at present and the disorder has been classified as a chronic disease of immune-mediated pathogenesis. The oral lesions are usually bilateral and involve the buccal mucosa in about 90 percent of all cases. In descending order of frequency the tongue, gingivae, alveolar ridge, lips, and less commonly the palate may also be affected. In this paper, we have presented a case, 65-year-old female patient who came to department of Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine in Khanzad Center with a chief complaint of burning sensation of the mouth especially hard palate, bilateral buccal mucosa and lower anterior gingiva for about 10 years duration, aggravated by hot and spicy food. The diagnosis was confirmed by biopsy as lichen planus.


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